Playing Baccarat Online

Exactly what is Baccarat? Baccarat is an extremely popular card game that casino goers love to play. If you were to look at the name of the game, you might think that it is a very difficult game to play. However, this is far from the truth. The Baccarat online game only has three types of bets. You can bet that the player will win, the banker will win or that there will be a tie.

One of the best things about a Baccarat online game is that betting on either the banker or player will result in a low house edge. This means that is a very good game for most people to play.

Things to Take into Consideration about Baccarat Online

When playing at a regular casino, you will have the option to play two kinds of Baccarat games. With the first version, the area is usually secured and the traditional kind of Baccarat is played. This is where the player gets to deal the cards. The second version is known as Mini Baccarat. With this particular version of Baccarat online, you are sitting at a standard casino table. But most importantly, the Dealer deals the cards. The player never gets to deal the cards, as with the first version. When gambling online, you will only see Mini Online Baccarat tables. However, there are a lot of casinos that have online Baccarat tables where the dealer deals everything.

Playing Online Baccarat

You can start a Baccarat online game by betting on the Banker, Player or the Tie option. At this point, two hands will be dealt. There is one each for the Player and one for the Banker. Basically, whichever hand is the closest to the number 9 will win. But, on the other hand, sometimes the dealer will deal a third card. However, we will talk about that particular instance a little later.

Value of Online Baccarat Cards

When playing online Baccarat, the face cards and all tens have a value of zero. An ace is valued at 1 ea and the other cards have a value of whatever their number is. If the cards are dealt and the number is over ten, then ten is deducted from the total amount. So, if you deal two cards that are 9 and 2, then ten is subtracted from that amount and your value is now one.

The Rule of the Third Card When Playing Baccarat Online

After the first two cards have been given to both the player and the dealer, then the rule of the third card comes into play. The player does not have to make any decisions when the cards are dealt per the following guidelines.

When the player and banker have hands that are the same in total number, then the game is a tie. If either the banker or player ends up with a total of eight or nine after getting their first two cards, then this is called a natural hand. At this point neither will get anymore cards.

If the banker’s first cards have a total of anywhere between zero and seven, then the player gets to pick cards according to the third rule.

If the player has a hand that has a total between zero to five, then he gets an additional card. However, if his total is either six or seven, then he does not get anymore cards. If he gets either eight or nine, then both of the hands will stand.

When the player goes through all of the mentioned Baccarat online scenarios, then the banker’s hand will continue to be played. If the banker’s hand has a total anywhere between zero and two, then the banker gets another card. If the banker ‘s hand has a total anywhere between three and six, then the third card of the player will determine whether or not the banker will draw or stand. If the dealer has a seven, then the dealer will stand.

When playing Baccarat online, if the banker has a hand that totals between three and six then the following is done:

- If the banker has a total of three, the banker will draw if the player has a one, seven or nine.
- If the banker has a total of four, the banker will draw if the player has anything between two and seven.
- If the banker has a total of five, the banker will draw if the player has a four, five, six or seven
- If the banker has a total of six, the banker will draw if the player has a six or seven
- If the banker has a total of seven, then the banker will stand
- If the banker has a total of eight or nine, then the banker will stand.

The Payoffs of Online Baccarat

Any bet that is put on the banker will pay one to one

Any bet that is placed on the player will pay one to one, minus a five percent commission

Any bet that is placed on the tie option will pay eight to one

If there is a tie, all bets on player or banker push

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